Vlassara reageert op skeptici

‘For decades people resisted the idea that cigarette smoking, hydrogenated fats or even asbestos in insulation and lead in paint were toxic to humans. This is the “normal” human response, usually proven to be proportional to the social and economic/financial investment made prior to that point in time. Cigarette smoking, lead and asbestos toxicity are now issues of the past. We are optimistic that given sufficient time and a continuing scientific research, the initial resistance will give way to rational, prudent decisions. The concepts on which this book is based goes beyond those problems as it attempts to address the largest health epidemics now facing humans. The economic and health care concerns we face today can only be compared to those posed by global warming. The existing scientific evidence underpinning the concepts presented in this book should be taken seriously, since they provide the opportunity for new approaches to individual and collective health.’

Vlassara heeft een antwoord op verouderingsziektes

Vlassara vond het antwoord op verouderingsziektes